Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 5~Project 365

I am so very thankful for messy houses...just messes period. That is a lot coming out of this mama's mouth considered I have OCD when it comes to keep my house clean at all times.  Do you know what came out of this huge flour mess though? Well for started almost a whole bag of flower over my whole dining room and kitchen. Also, covering every crevis of both of my daughters. Also, footprints all the way outside. Yesterday, I decided to bake cookies with my girls. I never knew that a one hour cookie making session would turn into a 2 hour flour fight. My two girls were having so much fun apply flour to their faces like make up that they left me to ice all the cookies..Now that is crazy, as we all know all kids love to ice cookies. So for 2 hours, I let my children destroy my kitchen. I mean flour over every possible surface of everything and everyone.
So do you know why I am so thankful for this mess? Because this mess brought me bliss. I sat back and watch both of my beautifulgirls play and be kids without a care in the world. Sure, they made a mess. However, did it hurt anyone or anything? Sure, I had to clean it all up afterwards. But let me tell you, watching my girls have a blast and hearing them laugh and enjoy life made it all worth it.
This mess lets me know that I have 2 beautiful girls in my life.
Life is messy sometimes, but you know what sometimes those messes turn into beautiful things.
Thank you God for blessing me with a flour tornado. I will take it anyday you wish it.


Seyahttam said...

You have a beautiful blog and family. Came across you as I was sending out updates on a new White House petition to get a religious exception for anything related to abortion in Obamacare.

The people following you would probably love to sign this and pass it along to families and friends who love life and kids. God bless you all!!! Matt

Seyahttam said...

To comment directly on your blog post-I am so thankful for my loving, healthy family and the love and help of God every day of my life.

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