Monday, January 28, 2013

A Normal Day of a Normal Mama

It's 6 a.m. rise and shine! "Good Morning Hone..." SHHHHHH Dont' talk to me until I drink my coffee! (ten minutes later)Ok..speak. 7 a.m....time to wake up children and get ready for school. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH......MEHHHHHHHHHHHH...LEAVE ME ALONE! Ok, one more minute then. (Back ten minutes later) Time to get up kids....NOOOOOO one more minute.. I'm sorry, we will be late if you dont get up now. My oldest finally complies and comes out. I go on to gather her clothes and so forth and low and behold, I come back and she is passed out on the couch. Again...Time to wake up sweety...WAHHHHHHHH. Ok, (im tired, cranky and over it now) GET UP NOW! Finally, my oldest is up and moving, fully dressed, teeth brushed and so forth. I leave her to go wake my youngest. To my youngest..Wake up angel. GO AWAY, LEAVE ME ALONE!! **sigh** Back out ot my oldest, who is once again ASLEEP ON THE COUCH. **throws hands up** I think I'll take a break and have another cup of coffee. *phew* Ok, I've had 2 cups of coffee now and I'm ready to finish the morning routine. Finally, I get my oldest awake for good and onto the bus. One down, one to go. Now it has been one hour since my first attempt to wake her. Honey, you have to get up now or you will be late for school. NO I WANT TO SLEEP!! I'm sorry, you can't school is starting in 15 minutes. She then rolls over, hides under covers and screams. Ok, here it goes.... I attempt to pull her out of bed as she kicks, screams, and yells. I now have her on the couch, but she is kicking and screaming and pissed off. I choose to ignore and go grab her clothes she had picked out the night before to wear. I bring them out and give them to her. Low and behold, they are thrown back in my face..I DONT WANT THESE ONES!! Ok, lets go pick out new ones..ten minutes later we are dressed in a new outfit. Time to brush the hair....DUN DUN DUNNNNN! (I have a 4 year old who has to have her hair perfect with no bumpies and she has to do it herself) Ten minutes later she walks out of the bathroom with sopping wet hair. She say, "Well mama I had to spray it to get all the bumpies out. *sigh* Ok, lets go get our shoes on..ten minutes later shoes are on. After she has taken them of 5 times because they just felt funny on her feet. Out the door we go..hey we are only 15 minutes late for school today. AT LEAST WE MADE IT.
Ok, mama is back home and I get 2 1/2 hours of peace..right?
Sadly no. Back home I go to work on my college school work. Before I know it I have 15 minutes of peace left. OH SHIT! Let me do a quick clean of the tornado of my house. Back out to pick up the youngest. Walking  trying to walk out door. "Mama can I have a snack?" Not today honey. "PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, WHY NOT, MAMA, MAMA, MAMA." OK OK OKKKK! 15 minutes later we are leaving the school with 2 snacks. (Thank you preschool for putting shelves full of snacks at the exit of your building.) Back home to make lunch. What would you like for lunch love? "Pancakes!" We dont have syrup. "I WANT PANCAKES!" I'm sorry, you cant. "WAHHHHHHHHHHH!" Pick something else. "We dont have anything." .....20 minutes later I finally convinced her to eat a bowl of divine macaronni. Only to watch it sit there for an hour with only one bite eaten. Ok, honey it's time for nap. "NO, I'm not tired." You have to take a nap though. "I'm not going!" I'll check your see if the candy trees in there have grown anymore candy. "OK!" (Don't judge and act like you have never bribed your kids with candy). Twenty minutes later we pulled candy out of both ears and are laying down. She is fast asleep *phew* I so badly want to enjoy my alone time with nothing to do except watch tv. Who am I kidding I cant even keep my eyes open. This mama is taking a nap too! (I dont care if I haven't watched tv in two years) Nap time is over now and it's time to get the oldest off the bus. She walks in the door tired, cranky and hungry. We snack, we do homework and then ta da, it's time to cook dinner. Dinner is served. Guess what??? "Mom, I dont want this, I dont like it, I want macaronni!" No girls, you eat what I make, you do like it. WAHHHHHHHH! Oh, just eat whatever you want. Dinners over, time to do the dishes. Dishes done. Now it is time to carpool to one of the extra activities my oldest is in. Almost 2 hours later we are back home. Now it's time for baths. 2 hours later every one is squeaky clean and ready for bed. It just so happens that no child can sleep in this house unless they have a 'bedtime snack'. Ok, decisions, decsions. Only an hour later, everyone is lying down and relaxing. But nooooo, we aren't sleeping. We are fighting with our sister. Ok, I give...come lay down with mommy in bed. After an hour of fighting in bed and listening to 50 reasons why we dont need to sleep. 2 beautiful little girls are snoring logs. Mama is wedged in the middle with not even an inch to breath. I have one leg over my stomach and an arm across my forhead. Don't worry my feet are warm too because I have a dog laying on them. Sorry honey, looks like you are sleep on the couch again. Too tired and too stuck to even wink at my hubby it's off to uncomfortable dream land to get at least 4 hours of sleep. BZZZZZZZZZZZ..uggggg, it's 6 a.m. again..2 cups of coffe later..."Hey honey. How you doing?" ;) It's 6 a.m. and my breath stinks, but my kids are sleeping. Remember when you watch those romantic movies and a husband and wife make love under the moonlight in a fluffly bed and warm covers..HAHAHAHHAHA...that's why it's called a movie. At my household, we make love on the floor, with no fluffyness, morning eye crusties and stinky breath. We are tired, cold, and fear to even breath in fear of waking the kids.....Hey thanks, have a great day, time to wake the kids. LETS START ARE DAY AGAIN.
(DISCLAIMER: This is my life...I am not perfect, but guess what I am a mama and I love my kids and they are happy. As chaotic as my life sounds, I would not change it for the world. Everything I just explained is a blessing and I would miss it if I didnt have it. I'm thankful that I have something to complain about, because it makes me appreciate it that much more. My family is not perfect, but they are perfect for me. I love my life, my kids and my husband. *PSHH* Those movies aint got nothing on my life.
 An Honest Mama
 (Amanda R.)


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