Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What a Mother Must Sacrafice

Houses may be bought, built, or borrowed.

But homes can only be made, and that with bits of ourselves.
Or so the ducks told me.
They told me without a sound, just simply as they preened and nestled, a painting, oil on canvas. The children press in close too, for a better look at Alexander Max Koester’s painting Ducks, and I read aloud the caption below the brushes of color.
Mother ducks pick feathers from their chests to line their nests.”
(Koester’s painting: Moulting Ducks)
I pause and the children gaze thoughtfully at a clutch of plump white, blizzard of feathers fallen down. But it’s those words that mesmerize me: “pick feathers from their chests, to line their nests.”

Eyes fixed on a duck breast puffed, mother plunging beak in deep, I question wondering self: “How else did you think nests were lined?”

With leftovers. With feathers discarded, the molted, the not-so-necessary feathers. I thought mother ducks picked feathers up from what was laying about, scraps, lining nests with what simply could be mustered after the fact.
But no. (Is that only the way of human mothers?) No, a mother duck plucks each feather out from the heart of her bosom, warm and soft.

She lines the nest with bits of herself. The best of her, from the deep spots.

She cups her young in her sacrifice.
Children pull at the corner of the page, anxious to see the next painting, and, reluctantly, I move on. But for weeks, part of me lives among Koester’s ducks. (Koester, captivated, painted dozens of duck paintings throughout the course of his life. I’ve come to understand.)
Days later, I am scrubbing out the arches of muffin tins after breakfast, the clock ticking insufferably loud in my ears, time running down. Children need books and learning, and I’m tuned for the expected chime of the doorbell, a service personnel’s scheduled visit. And the words rise near to the surface, “I don’t have time for this! No muffins tomorrow morning!”
The words sharply sink. And I, learning, line this nest with a feather. Not a leftover. But one decidedly plucked. The service man meets me with muffin tins still in the sink, and a circle of happy young. Whose tummies next morning fill with another batch of muffins. I will make time.
As the sun’s perfect globe of glow sets nears the horizon, these boys, glint in eyes, recalibrate vacuum cleaner to fire socks. Weary, I have food to find, laundry awaiting escort, math sheets to mark.
They fire sock cannons.
And I Pluck.
Bellies jiggle, peals of giggles, as old mother chases after future men, wrestling them down, tying them up in tickles. We warm here in laughter. It feels good, wild and alive. So again they fire, and again I pluck with feathers of my time, bits of me, and we pile high, one atop the other, nesting down into sacrifice, soft and small.

Some feathers for this nest, the parts of me and time I have sacrificed, have hurt, pain of the plucking lingering long. But why speak of the details? And was it really sacrifice, or just this too-tender skin? It’s done, it was necessary, it was for something better. Some nights, when all sleep, I feel along the hidden bald patches.
There are times, too many, when they call, “Read me a story?” “Wanna play a game with me?” “Can you come help me?”
And this mother refuses to pluck. Something, some task, someone (me?), rates as more pressing, more important. I deem our nest acceptable just as it is. I don’t want to sacrifice more of me.
Then comes the pecking, the scratching, the squawking. With feather lining wearing thin, the nest chafes hard. We hurt and cry. Nests need feathers deep.
Someone must pluck.
When will I learn that down sacrificed settles and soothes?
For scraps won’t suffice. Snippets of time, leftover me, a trinket, a diversion, tossed.
Mother ducks don’t line nests with feathers, dirty and trampled, the molted and unnecessary. Why would I? Nests need feathers fresh, warm with mother’s life.
Night descends and calls children to dreams. I lead them to their bed-gate, arms and legs under quilts worn from the ride. I read stories, stroke hair, say prayers. Prayers to Him who plucked hard from His own heart.
A sacrifice, staggering and true, for love of His very own. We learn love from His laid down.

a repost from the archives of the CWO column

Are You at Peace If You Go Today?

Are you at peace if you go today? Do you feel like you have accomplished what you wanted to in life? Are you happy with your decisions? Are you happy with who you are and where you stand? How you treat people? Are your  priorities in order? Have you made the most of your life? Do you realize what is important in your life? Do you mold your life around the world and society or what you know is right and what your heart tells you? Do you know where your going?

There is not one person in this world who knows when their last breath is. Would you be at peace if you went today? Think about it.. Are you living each day for everyone else or the real reason why you are here? Do you need to refocus and set your priorities straight? There are no second chances when your time is up.

Listen to your heart. Live each moment to the fullest. Make each moment count. Cherish each moment you have. Make sure you open up and become who you are and do what brings you peace. "Tomorrow is never promised."

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Revealing my Birth Stories

It's May of 2003 and I just found out I am pregnant with our first child. We have longed for this day for so long now. We have always dreamed of having a baby girl to name Faith. I'm only 19 at this time and do not know much about the whole process of pregnancy and birth. So I set up a doctor appointment. I tell him that my mom went into premature labor with me at 32 weeks. I ask him if we should check anything to make sure I do not have the same complication.

He says I am fine. So being young and clueless I let it go. Fast forward to 26 weeks. It's time for my hubby to go to work, but my heart is telling me that he needs to stay home. I cry and cry and he says it's ok. He leaves for work and a half an hour later I notice I'm spotting blood. I call my mom. Within five minutes I'm gushing blood and having full-blown contractions. Paramedics are on their way. At this point I'm alone, in horrendous pain and lying in a pool of blood. Then I’m in the ambulance and I hear him on his phone telling the hospital we are on our way. He tells them she can't be in labor she is only 26 weeks. I scream at him and say this baby is coming now! We get to the hospital and I'm in the room.

The nurse checks me and says I'm fully dilated. The next thing I know, she has pulled my legs down and said you need to push now. Another nurse had monitors on me and was doing an ultrasound... There was no heartbeat and baby was breech. They tried turning her with no luck. They said I had to go in for an emergency c-section right away. The next thing I know, Baby is out but I never heard a cry. I scream, “Why isn't she crying” and they actually were quite rude to me in response to my question. The doctor snarked back, “Because she is so early.”

I was scared, in pain and a wreck. I remember the doctor asking me if I wanted something to calm me down and I said no I just want to see my baby. Well against my wishes they gave me something and the next thing I know I woke up in my room. (This whole process from spotting to birth happened within an hour and a half.) I can’t tell you how long it was before I actually got to see my baby. But when I did it was the best moment of my life. Miss Faith Rae was born 14 weeks too soon weighing 1 pound 12 ounces and measuring 13 inches long.

Her skin was dark because it was so thin. They said I couldn’t even touch her because it would hurt her. She had goggles on to cover her eyes and a million cords on her along with a breathing tube. I was so drugged up I only remember bits and pieces, but I do remember them saying if she makes it 24 hours her survival looks good. Well 24 hours passed so my hopes were high. Later the following evening they said she was not doing well. They said her lungs were bleeding because they were so premature. They tried everything to stop it but couldn't. So they unhooked her from all the tubes and placed her in my arms. That day I got to hold my daughter for the first and last time. Faith passed away in her mama’s arms looking into my eyes, and peacefully went to be with the Lord.

Now we are at October 2004. I am pregnant for a second time. Don’t ask me why on earth I went back to the same doctor, but I did. I went in for my first appointment and said, “What are we going to do differently this time so that I do not go into premature labor?” He actually responded by saying, “Nothing, everything will be fine.” That was all it took for me. I walked straight out of his office and never returned. He wasn’t there to deliver healthy babies; he was there to make money, period.

So I found a new doctor and told him my situation. Right away he said, “We are going to run tests to check your cervix.” I went in for an ultrasound and sure enough I had a weak cervix. Now the thought always crosses my mind. What if I would have had this doctor the first time around? Would my daughter still be here? Fast forward to 16 weeks. I had a cerclage put in. They stitched my cervix shut so I was able to carry full term. Fast-forward again to 36 weeks. I had my cerclage removed. Instantly I felt contractions begin. My body started the labor process right away. I went home with my family and husband and labored through contractions. Once they got close enough I went to the hospital.

I arrived, but my doctor wasn’t there yet. About an hour later he called me on my room phone. He said, “Ok I’ll be there in an hour to do the C-section.” I replied, “Say WHAT???” He said, “Yes, with your prior c-section you require a c-section every time now.” (This is the part where I’m banging my head on the wall now for my stupidity.) I was in shock, asked no questions and hesitantly agreed. I hung up the phone and began crying my heart out. All I wanted to do was deliver my baby naturally. Now my hopes were shattered. I went in for surgery. After my epidural kicked in, I started to have a panic attack. I felt as if I could not breath and inhaling was getting shorter and shorter. It was one of the scariest things in my life.

Thanks to the good Lord above, my Isabella Marie was born at 36 weeks weighing 6 pounds 4 ounces and measuring 21 inches long. I went in telling them I wanted to breastfeed, but did not know how. I tried and could not get her to latch. They sent a nurse in one time after that and I still could not. They then brought me in a pump and said just pump your milk and bottle-feed her. I had no help, no one to teach me how to breastfeed my daughter. Although she still received my breast milk almost her entire first year, I lost out on a breastfeeding relationship.
Fast forward to August of 2007. We are pregnant with number 3. Same routine. I had my cerclage put in. But this time I started contracting at 30 weeks. Luckily, they were able to stop them and put me on meds to hold them off. Then at 33 weeks I began to labor again. They tried everything to stop them, but baby was ready to come out. Well guess what, my doctor was on vacation that week! They told me I would have the doctor who was filling in for him. Not happy, but ok.

Low and behold, guess who walks in? The doctor I had with my first born. At this point I’m having full-blown contractions. I’m a hysterical mess because I do not want to have another C section. (At the time, I still did not know any better. I did not know it was unnecessary or that I could do anything to change it.) He says we need to check your cervix. Here I am in full-blown labor and he wants to shove his whole arm up my vagina. The thought is going through my head all the time. Why is there a need to check my cervix when it is stitched shut? It’s not going to be dilated. What felt like forever finally ended. And to no surprise he said I wasn’t dilated.

I went into surgery just before midnight. Once again I had a horrible experience of anxiety. I honestly could feel them cutting me. I screamed for them to stop. I screamed, “I can feel it!” No one stopped. They all said, I was fine and couldn’t feel it. So my husband held my hand and tried to calm me as much as he could. I felt like I was in a movie and no one cared about what was happening to me.

Miss Adrianna Hope was born at 12:08 a.m. weighing 4 pounds 6 ounces. She went straight to the NICU. She was on a breathing tube for only 1 hour. She was our little fighter. She only spent about a week in the NICU before she was able to come home to us.
This is the first time I have publicly shared my story. It probably seems all rattled together. But this is a short version of how I remember it. Looking back on it all now, I’m sad that I did not better educate myself and hurt that I was so taken advantage of in the system. 

 My endometriosis has returned and now I’m being told I have to remove my ovaries as well. My husband and I are planning on adopting in the future. This is my story. Thank you for listening.
Two years after my third daughter was born we began trying to conceive again. Long story short, we tried for 2 years with no luck. Endometriosis had slowly crept into my life and consumed my body. To save you from another 3 pages, my story ends with a partial hysterectomy. I can never have children again. I have lost out on bringing my child into this world in a way I wanted to. I have lost out on breastfeeding. And I have lost my daughter. As much as I want to blame everyone in the situation, I have no one to blame but myself.

                                                       Faith Rae

Adrianna in the NICU

Isabella holding her baby sister for the first time

My girls and I today

© Amanda 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Some Quick References on Abortion

The following is all the different methods of abortion:

The following is the emotional & physical side effects from abortion:

The following is photos and videos of the truth:

The following is tools used for abortion:

The following is Week by Week photos & Video of Baby in Womb:

The following link has a list of PSC's for each state:

Amanda~A Voice for the Voiceless [My Pro Life Facebook Page]

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What does Easter Sunday Mean to You?

Seeing that tomorrow is Easter or as I like to call it Resurrection Day I thought this would be a good topic to write about.
So What does Easter Sunday mean to you? First I will start by telling you what it means to me.
It means that I have been blessed with a beautiful life, even when I hit rock bottom. I have been blessed with eternal life, a companion/best friend/father forever, my sins are washed away with his blood.
I am greatful that his love was so great for this world, that he was willing to sacrafise his one and only son to a horrible death. His blood was shed for us. There is no greater love than God's love.
Because of his love, I have been blessed richly with wonderful friends and family in my life. I have a beautiful family I thank him for everday.
My favorite quote is "Tomorrow is never promised." That is why each day I wake up and thank God for another day with my loved ones. To many people take the simple things for granted in life everday. For starters have you been blessed with another day to take the world head on? What about the flowers, the sun, the rain, food, home, love, etc.
Do you ever complain when your children whine or do not want to listen?? BE GREATFUL! Some are never able to have kids, some people's children grow there wings very young, and your kids grow up so very fast.
Having a bad day? Be greatful for that bad day, because some do not have another day.
Easter Sunday is important in so many ways. Because of his love and death for me I know that i get eternal life in heaven with my loved ones. That to me is the greatest love of all.

1 Peter 1:3
Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth  into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Are you ok with paying for innocent death?

If you thought you had an illness or lets say a problem; would you want to see a doctor to be checked? I will assume your answer would be yes.
If you were out of work at the time and had no money or insurance; would you hope that there would be somewhere to go for cheap?
Again I will assume your answer would be yes.
Now lets say you found a place that will help you and for a cheap price; would you go?
Again, yes.
Now lets say you found out that the same place that was treating you was also killing toddlers at random.
Would you still go to that "place" if you found out they were killing toddlers, even though they were helping you?
I will assume and hope that your answer would be, no.

One more example: Lets say you found a soulmate. You loved him/her with every depth of your soul. However, you then find out that they molest and kill young children on the side.
Would you still love him??

Then why would you support Planned Parenthood? Yes, Planned Parenthood offers STD testing, pregnancy testing, birth control, and pap smears. However, they also offer abortions and often lie about what it truly is and how it affects you and your child. Let's not forget though, they do not want you to know it is a child, they tell their patients it's just a blob of cells. They have been caught on tape numerous times lying about fetal development. They do not care about your well being, they care about receiving their blood money. They even have been caught telling girls they are pregnant and then pretending to preform an abortion. They have been caught doing numerous illegal activities. The most recent is when Live Action went under cover and they did not report underage sex trafficking. The following link is to one of the many under cover tapes revealed and of one of the many Planned Parenthoods who did not report it. 
[I might add, that there are plenty of other medical places or clinics to get free or cheap health care. You just have to look. There is no excuse to go to planned parenthood because you don't have money.]

I will post one of the many videos of them lying. Warning, the following video contains some graphic content. [However, it is the truth!] 

Now onto the main point of my post. Do you want your tax dollars going to something like this. What if that was your daughter, that they did not report. What if your daughter was in sex trafficking and they never reported it and gave her a secret abortion? Do you want your money to go to the 4,000 innocent babies being slaughtered everyday? Some say that our tax dollars do not go directly towards abortions. I will admit that. However, do our tax dollars go towards rent towards the building, utilities, "training", pay checks. YES! So, yes we are paying for abortions, maybe not directly, but we are. The blood is on our hands.

For the ones who read this that our Pro Choice; I will simply state. There is absolutely no reason for abortion. ZERO! Everyone deserves life, and every life has a purpose. If you feel the desire to ask me why, feel free to email me at

I will end by asking you to watch the following video on our tax money towards Planned Parenthood.

*For those of you who refuse to believe abortion ends a living life. Please watch the following. [GRAPHIC CONTENT]

I pray for the day abortion ends.

Deuteronomy 30:19
This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live

You can also visit my pro life facebook page at

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Hymnbook

This is a short story I would like to share from the book "Chicken Soup for the Christian Family Soul". If you have young kids this is the story for you!

I watched intently as my little brother was caught in the act. He sat om the corner of the living room, a pen in one hand and my father's hymnbook in the other. As my father walked into the room, my brother cowered slightly; he sensed that he had done something wrong. From a distance, I saw that he had opened my father's brand-new book and scribbled across the length and breadth of the entire first page with a pen. Now, staring at my father fearfully, he and I both waited for his punishment. 
My father picked up his prized hymnal, looked at it carefully, and then sat down without saying a word. Books were precious to him; he was a clergyman and the holder of several degrees. For him, books were knowledge, and yet, he loved his children. What he did in the next few minutes was remarkable. Instead of punishing my brother, instead of scolding or yelling or reprimanding, he sat down, took the pen from my brother's hand and then wrote in the book himself, alongside the scribbles John had made: "John's word 1959, age two. How many times have I looked into your beautiful face and into your warm, alert eyes looking up at me and thanked God for the one who has now scribbled in my new hymnal? You have made the book sacred as have your brothers and sister to so much of my life." Wow, I thought. This is punishment?
From time to time I take a book down-not just a cheesy paperback but a real book that I know I will have for many years to come-and I give it to one of my children to scribble or write their names in. And as I look at their artwork, I think about my father, and how he taught me about what really matters in life:people, not objects; tolerance, not judgment;love which is at the very heart of a family. I think about these things, and I smile. And I whisper, "Thank you, Dad."
Arthur Bowler

Really makes you stop in think about what is really important in life

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Never Grow Up

As each passing day goes by. In a way I get a little more sad. My children are growing up way to fast. Isabella will be turning 6 this summer and Adrianna just turned 3. It feels like just yesterday I was rocking Isabella to sleep in my arms singing, "You are my sunshine". It feels like yesterday that Adrianna was a tiny little thing at 4lbs 6 oz in the NICU. 
Now today, Isabella is in kindergarten and so very smart. I remember when I had to explain everything and I mean everything to her. But now, she is the one teaching me. That girl amazes me with some of her thoughts. She is not a baby anymore, she is growing up. And as proud as I am of her, it's still sad to see them grow. She will always be my baby. 
I feel like Adrianna should still be drinking out of bottles and crawling around. Instead she's running, jumping and skipping. She is saying bigger sentences more and more. She is using the big girl potty, so she is not relying on mama anymore to change her. She wants to dress herself or brush her own hair. Day by day she slips out of that baby role too.
It's amazing how quick 5 years can fly by. You know when you hear people say. Enjoy the little moments they wont last forever. It is so true. 
When my kids are not on their best behavior and I start to get upset. I always sing myself a little song that goes, "Your ganna miss this.."

Once a year when I do have quiet time completely by myself. When there is absolutely no noise in my house, no toys on the floor and I have nothing to do. I am sad. It's too quiet, to clean, I need my kids. I do not know where I would be today without my girls. Most parents say, they teach their kids. But what they do not realize is that our children teach us so much more than any scholar ever could.
Do not make your kids grow up faster than they should. Let them be kids. Let them be innocent. Be a kid with them. Do you know how much happier the world would be if we would all be more pure and innocent like children.
The following is an interesting article on how a "4 year old" should be.

I will end by saying. May your days be long and filled with love. May your worries be short and disappear. Enjoy every moment with your children. It will not last forever. They are only little once. Soon enough they will venture out into the world on their own.

hugs, love, and blessings to all. [Thank you to my wonderful children for bringing me to where I am today. I will forever have the deepest love for you in my heart...forever.]

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What do you have to lose?

Well let me start out my saying I'm a little upset. I just spent a good amount of time typing out this blog. Right when I went to click save and publish my computer turned off. POOF..and it was gone. So I'll give my best attempt to retype what I had originally wrote. Who knows, maybe I'll be more pleased the second time around.

I will start out by saying most of you probably know by now that I am a Christian. I love going to church and studying my bible. Let me just say that I love my church. They are the most loving group of people. They welcomed my family and I with open arms from day one. It's a come as you are, Worship your savior, learn the word, and be a family church. Just like all churches should be. When I'm not at church I find myself studying my bible and learning more everyday. It amazes me how much scripture relates to me everyday. You need a question answered about life. It's in the bible. It is the most interesting book ever published. Also, one you can read over and over and always learn something new.

The point of this post is. Do you know where your going when your time on earth is up? I do. I'm going to heaven to spend eternity in bliss. I will be reunited with my sweet baby Faith. I will again be with my grandma and we can get back to are breakfast and shopping dates. However, until then I have my complete faith in God that they are in safe arms. 
How do I know I'm going to heaven? Simple. Because I have Jesus in my heart, I have asked for forgiveness of my sins and I don't lead a destructive lifestyle. 

So I guess this post is directed at non believers or people stuck in the middle who are unsure. Let me ask you this. What do you have to lose if you believe? All you have to do is accept Jesus in your heart and ask for forgiveness. Of course we are all human and sin. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.Romans 3:23 However, that doesn't mean you can accept Jesus in your heart today, go rob a bank tomorrow and say oops please forgive me. You have to mean it, accept him. Jesus is love. Love is Jesus. So your not losing anything. Your gaining, Love, a protector to walk with you every step of the way and knowledge of your life. 
Now let me ask you this final question. What do you have to lose if you don't believe?

The one who plants and the one who waters have one purpose, and they will each be rewarded according to their own labor. I Corinthians 3:8

So I think I left out some from what I originally had posted, but added some also. I hope someone finds this post enjoyable.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Everyone Deserves Heaven

Let me start out today by saying God is good! I have had so many blessings this week. Lets not forget the ones so many take for granted. For starters, I'm here striving through another day. amen. What about the flowers, trees, birds, grass, our arms and legs, the list is endless. On top of those God has sent me many blessings this week. I do not want to state specifics yet, but I will say that my work as a Pro Life Advocate is kicking into full gear. I will devote every ounce of my spare time to end abortion. I owe it to the mothers, fathers, grandparents, the babies, all of you. Abortion does not just affect the mother and child. It affects society as a whole. Think about it.

So When I was little before I had ever even experienced a death. I clearly remember sitting back on my grandmothers bed. I was watching tv, well i cant say i was watching it. The tv was on, I was looking at it, but I saw nothing. Nor did I hear anything. I remember starting to pray. [Mind you, I did not even know what praying was at the time.] I do not remember word for word, but it went something like this. God, please do not let my mommy ever die or my grandma. Not Papa, Terry, Aunt Tracie.............. The list went until I named every person that I loved. I ended it by saying. But if they do die, please can we all be together when we do?
I do not remember my exact age. I did not attend church regularly and I did not know much about praying heaven, Jesus or hell. I guess I knew enough though. He was obviously in my heart back then.

So now that I'm a wife and a mama and all grown up. I have experienced one to many deaths. I know Jesus now. I know what heaven and hell is. I know what it means to pray. So now I always pray for everyone to find Jesus. I want to be with all my love ones for eternity when I enter heaven. Don't you?

So this gets me to my point. I'm not a bible thumper. I do not go around preaching left and right and condemning people to hell by any means. However, given the opportunity or when Jesus puts it on my heart to speak...I do.

However, I have heard a lot of people tell me I should not be trying to preach the bible to others. That they have to find Jesus on their own.
That we are not supposed to shove it down their throats. What they do not understand is that I agree with them to an extent. We should plant the seed. It is up to them to let it grow. But who are we to not give everyone else the same opportunity to have that seed planted as we had? Who are we to not show everyone there gift to enter the gates of heaven and spend eternity in bliss with their loved ones? How selfish of us not to let people in on what we already know. Do not be scared to speak the truth. Truth is never a lie. Do not let yourself get in the way. Let Christ lead you.Replace your fear with faith♥

People are so blinded by the world. It only takes one person, one word, one action or one smile to make a difference. Everyone deserves heaven.

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation
mark 16:15

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Smiles and Starfish

I watch this video often. It is very inspirational. I always used it as motivation to keep on fighting for the unborn. I might not be able to save all the innocent children from the daily 4,000 being slaughtered every day. However, I might just be able to save one. If I can save one child, educate one mother then my job is accomplished. Not done, just accomplished.
However, the more I watched this video the more I realized it relates to a lot of things. I might just smile at one person, introduce just one person to Jesus. Maybe they will just brush it away, maybe not. If I can just lead one person to Jesus, I wonder how many they will lead, and I wonder how many the next person will lead?
The same goes for teachers, firefighters, just random people doing acts of kindness.
You see we are not perfect, we can not save the whole entire world. But one smile, one word, one action can save a life and make the world of difference to that one person. Then how many peoples lives are they going to touch?
Have you smiled at someone today?

I am going to also include another video to show you how a small smile can change someones day.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We are all born Sinners

So I came across this website. Those people that protest at funerals of the gays that served our country. No I don't believe in same sex relations but I also don't believe in this church's approach. All over their page it says God hates you. I think my commentary on this website actually fits In general of the world today [here is the link for the site: ]

So I came across this website through a good Sir I like to call my brother. After skimming over their site I am in utter shock and disbelief. Actually, I can not say dis belief because this 'worldly' world we live in is a crazy place. As a born again Christian I will tell you that I feel they are reading into certain parts of the bible and manipulating it into what they want to believe. Then deciding to completely ignore other parts of it. We are all born sinners and all fall short of the glory of God. Do they not see that they are doing the exact same thing that the bible tells you not to do. Are we not supposed to have a loving approach, a holy approach, a educational approach? Do they really think anyone will follow their lead when they are spewing put hate speech and saying, "God hates you"? He does not hate us. He loves us and forgiveness is quite simple. You just have to open your eyes, use your heart and step out of all of these 'worldly' views.
Even if all of us are not "Christians" or believe in the same 'God' I will tell you that I'm sure we can all agree that this is sad. If they were everything that they preach they would be holy and perfect. However, there is only one man that is holy and perfect and he lives in my heart. Let us all go through this world with warm hearts ,open eyes, kind words, thoughtful ways, and a good head on our shoulders.
We are all equal. We are all loved the same. No one is perfect. Everyone is special. It is a shame that so many fall into this way. Sadly a lot of the world does in more ways than we realize. We need to realize that one kind word or one kind action can save a life. The same goes for the opposite. This is why we have to remember we are all equal, no one is perfect, and we are all human. They have my prayers. As do all the families affected by this.