Monday, January 28, 2013

A Normal Day of a Normal Mama

It's 6 a.m. rise and shine! "Good Morning Hone..." SHHHHHH Dont' talk to me until I drink my coffee! (ten minutes later)Ok..speak. 7 a.m....time to wake up children and get ready for school. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH......MEHHHHHHHHHHHH...LEAVE ME ALONE! Ok, one more minute then. (Back ten minutes later) Time to get up kids....NOOOOOO one more minute.. I'm sorry, we will be late if you dont get up now. My oldest finally complies and comes out. I go on to gather her clothes and so forth and low and behold, I come back and she is passed out on the couch. Again...Time to wake up sweety...WAHHHHHHHH. Ok, (im tired, cranky and over it now) GET UP NOW! Finally, my oldest is up and moving, fully dressed, teeth brushed and so forth. I leave her to go wake my youngest. To my youngest..Wake up angel. GO AWAY, LEAVE ME ALONE!! **sigh** Back out ot my oldest, who is once again ASLEEP ON THE COUCH. **throws hands up** I think I'll take a break and have another cup of coffee. *phew* Ok, I've had 2 cups of coffee now and I'm ready to finish the morning routine. Finally, I get my oldest awake for good and onto the bus. One down, one to go. Now it has been one hour since my first attempt to wake her. Honey, you have to get up now or you will be late for school. NO I WANT TO SLEEP!! I'm sorry, you can't school is starting in 15 minutes. She then rolls over, hides under covers and screams. Ok, here it goes.... I attempt to pull her out of bed as she kicks, screams, and yells. I now have her on the couch, but she is kicking and screaming and pissed off. I choose to ignore and go grab her clothes she had picked out the night before to wear. I bring them out and give them to her. Low and behold, they are thrown back in my face..I DONT WANT THESE ONES!! Ok, lets go pick out new ones..ten minutes later we are dressed in a new outfit. Time to brush the hair....DUN DUN DUNNNNN! (I have a 4 year old who has to have her hair perfect with no bumpies and she has to do it herself) Ten minutes later she walks out of the bathroom with sopping wet hair. She say, "Well mama I had to spray it to get all the bumpies out. *sigh* Ok, lets go get our shoes on..ten minutes later shoes are on. After she has taken them of 5 times because they just felt funny on her feet. Out the door we go..hey we are only 15 minutes late for school today. AT LEAST WE MADE IT.
Ok, mama is back home and I get 2 1/2 hours of peace..right?
Sadly no. Back home I go to work on my college school work. Before I know it I have 15 minutes of peace left. OH SHIT! Let me do a quick clean of the tornado of my house. Back out to pick up the youngest. Walking  trying to walk out door. "Mama can I have a snack?" Not today honey. "PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, WHY NOT, MAMA, MAMA, MAMA." OK OK OKKKK! 15 minutes later we are leaving the school with 2 snacks. (Thank you preschool for putting shelves full of snacks at the exit of your building.) Back home to make lunch. What would you like for lunch love? "Pancakes!" We dont have syrup. "I WANT PANCAKES!" I'm sorry, you cant. "WAHHHHHHHHHHH!" Pick something else. "We dont have anything." .....20 minutes later I finally convinced her to eat a bowl of divine macaronni. Only to watch it sit there for an hour with only one bite eaten. Ok, honey it's time for nap. "NO, I'm not tired." You have to take a nap though. "I'm not going!" I'll check your see if the candy trees in there have grown anymore candy. "OK!" (Don't judge and act like you have never bribed your kids with candy). Twenty minutes later we pulled candy out of both ears and are laying down. She is fast asleep *phew* I so badly want to enjoy my alone time with nothing to do except watch tv. Who am I kidding I cant even keep my eyes open. This mama is taking a nap too! (I dont care if I haven't watched tv in two years) Nap time is over now and it's time to get the oldest off the bus. She walks in the door tired, cranky and hungry. We snack, we do homework and then ta da, it's time to cook dinner. Dinner is served. Guess what??? "Mom, I dont want this, I dont like it, I want macaronni!" No girls, you eat what I make, you do like it. WAHHHHHHHH! Oh, just eat whatever you want. Dinners over, time to do the dishes. Dishes done. Now it is time to carpool to one of the extra activities my oldest is in. Almost 2 hours later we are back home. Now it's time for baths. 2 hours later every one is squeaky clean and ready for bed. It just so happens that no child can sleep in this house unless they have a 'bedtime snack'. Ok, decisions, decsions. Only an hour later, everyone is lying down and relaxing. But nooooo, we aren't sleeping. We are fighting with our sister. Ok, I give...come lay down with mommy in bed. After an hour of fighting in bed and listening to 50 reasons why we dont need to sleep. 2 beautiful little girls are snoring logs. Mama is wedged in the middle with not even an inch to breath. I have one leg over my stomach and an arm across my forhead. Don't worry my feet are warm too because I have a dog laying on them. Sorry honey, looks like you are sleep on the couch again. Too tired and too stuck to even wink at my hubby it's off to uncomfortable dream land to get at least 4 hours of sleep. BZZZZZZZZZZZ..uggggg, it's 6 a.m. again..2 cups of coffe later..."Hey honey. How you doing?" ;) It's 6 a.m. and my breath stinks, but my kids are sleeping. Remember when you watch those romantic movies and a husband and wife make love under the moonlight in a fluffly bed and warm covers..HAHAHAHHAHA...that's why it's called a movie. At my household, we make love on the floor, with no fluffyness, morning eye crusties and stinky breath. We are tired, cold, and fear to even breath in fear of waking the kids.....Hey thanks, have a great day, time to wake the kids. LETS START ARE DAY AGAIN.
(DISCLAIMER: This is my life...I am not perfect, but guess what I am a mama and I love my kids and they are happy. As chaotic as my life sounds, I would not change it for the world. Everything I just explained is a blessing and I would miss it if I didnt have it. I'm thankful that I have something to complain about, because it makes me appreciate it that much more. My family is not perfect, but they are perfect for me. I love my life, my kids and my husband. *PSHH* Those movies aint got nothing on my life.
 An Honest Mama
 (Amanda R.)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 5~Project 365

I am so very thankful for messy houses...just messes period. That is a lot coming out of this mama's mouth considered I have OCD when it comes to keep my house clean at all times.  Do you know what came out of this huge flour mess though? Well for started almost a whole bag of flower over my whole dining room and kitchen. Also, covering every crevis of both of my daughters. Also, footprints all the way outside. Yesterday, I decided to bake cookies with my girls. I never knew that a one hour cookie making session would turn into a 2 hour flour fight. My two girls were having so much fun apply flour to their faces like make up that they left me to ice all the cookies..Now that is crazy, as we all know all kids love to ice cookies. So for 2 hours, I let my children destroy my kitchen. I mean flour over every possible surface of everything and everyone.
So do you know why I am so thankful for this mess? Because this mess brought me bliss. I sat back and watch both of my beautifulgirls play and be kids without a care in the world. Sure, they made a mess. However, did it hurt anyone or anything? Sure, I had to clean it all up afterwards. But let me tell you, watching my girls have a blast and hearing them laugh and enjoy life made it all worth it.
This mess lets me know that I have 2 beautiful girls in my life.
Life is messy sometimes, but you know what sometimes those messes turn into beautiful things.
Thank you God for blessing me with a flour tornado. I will take it anyday you wish it.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 4~Project 365

Books! What are books? Lots of things! Books are knowledge, power, imagination, words, the list can go on. For those of you that know me, you know that  I love to read. I read every single day, for pleasure. I love to read pretty much anything, as long as it is a book and has words, I'm good. I am thankful for books for many reasons.
When I am reading, I am at peace. I am in my own world and my brain is working non stop. If I am reading fiction, I am visualizing exactly what everything would look and be like in my head. If I am read non fiction, my brain is working overload to learn and comprehend and retain what I have just read. Reading expands your brain. It makes you smarter. It's good for you!
I have learned so much just from reading a wide variety for pleasure.
To me, reading is my zen. It makes me happy. If I'm stressed out or need some me time, I pick up my current book. I don't even have to feel guilty about it, because it's great for you.
A book is a pleasure created for me to enjoy. So many people say they do not like to read. You just have to find that one book that grabs your attention and go! Find your style of what you like to read. I promise once your in the zone there is no going back.
Lucky for me, my 4 and 7 year old see me reading all the time. Now they are both avid readers. My 7 year old is an awesome reader and actually chooses reading over watching tv. Amen!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 3~Project 365

This is how my 4 year old Adrianna writes her name. To a non parent this may be meaningless, but I hope for those of you that are parents, you could see why I'm thankful.
Let's start by saying I am one proud mama. My daughter was born 7 weeks early. We call her are little peanut. She is a bright young girl, but takes a little longer to get the hang of things. She has finally mastered writing her name, all her letters, and we are now venturing learning to read.
I am thankful for the bajillion slips of paper I recieve from my 4 year old everyday with her name written on it. She is so excited that she can finally do it, she does it all the time. I feel blessed. Think about it, not all kids can write, not all kids have hands or arms. There are lots of different aspects you could think of.
I am greatful for everyday that I can spend teaching my daughter how to grow and learn. As parents we are their number one teacher.
I am greatful to be able to spend 18 hours of one day answering her questions on how to write her Be greatful. Not all parents have their children, many have lost their lives, many can not have children. I know first hand that pain. I lost my first born.
So although I have boxes apon boxes of my girls artwork, schoolwork, and writings. I am thankful for the bajillionth and one piece that I recieved today from my little peanut.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Project 365~Day 2

Dandelion..pure joy! Do you look at a dandelion and think...weed? Or do you look at it and think..happiness?
Dandelion's to me bring me happiness. I have a 7 year old and 4 year old, I'm sure most of you can guess. What is the first thing a child does when they see one of these? You guessed it. Make a wish and blow! Who says that adults cant do that? Everytime I see one of these I make the same wish. (nope I'm not telling Sometimes, I get the joy of sharing one with my daughters. They like it when we make a wish together and I help them blow the seeds off.
So what else is awesome about these. Well, have you ever noticed when you blow them, the seeds dont fall directly down. You see that God has also created wind. You get to watch your wish float away. Awaiting to come true.
Many of you may laugh and say it's just a weed. However, to my children and I it is so much more than that. It is a thought in a heart awaiting to be blessed.
Remember it's the simple things in life that bring us joy.
Plus, I just left my blog writing to go wish on this dandelion with my miss Isabella. Joy!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Project 365~Day 1

I am thankful for the fresh smell of Autumn leaves and rain. Do you have a favorite smell? Such as a candle scent, your childs scent, a perfume, camfire? Now imagine if ou would never be able to smell that smell again. Doesn't that smell bring you bliss? Make your heart happy? Create a happy sensation? Imagine if we did not have our senses. We would never have the pure joy of wonderful scents again.
To me the fresh scent of autumn leaves and rain bring a lot of feelings. It means, it's a new day that I am here on earth to spend with my family. It's another day that my flower get the drink they need. The leaves falling show me another season is on its way. The wonderful smell also lets me know that I can still experience great pleasure thru scent.
When I wake up and smell this (one of my favorite smells), I feel pure bliss. I also know I can look up and see God's beautiful painting. Aren't the bright orange, red and yellow leaves on fall trees absolutely beautiful??
Puddles on the ground means I get to watch my children jump on them. I get to see there innocent smiles enjoy lifes simple pleasures. Mommy and Daddy get to rake all the leaves into a huge pile and watch our girls jump in them. I'm sure most of you remember jumping in the leaves..FUN TIMES!
As you can see at first glass, you may look at my picture say, that's just a water puddle with a leave in it. When in reality, this tiny puddle with a leave in it has millions of lifes pleaures in it. (of course all are not listed) Be thankful for all of God's blessings. Keep your eyes open and give thanks always.

My Bucket List the man of my dreams
2.marry him
3.get a dog
4.have children a family
6.find myself
7.get a tattoo
8.go to florida
9.go to another country
10.go skiing/snowboarding my dream home
12.own a pink car
13.go to hawaii
14.take my kids to disney
15.prevent 1 person from choose abortion
16.get my boobs[lol] a grandma a great grandma
19.witness my children being married
20.witness a birth baptized and allow Jesus in my heart the sun rise/set the world decortate my whole house
25.cook thanksgiving/christmas dinner
26.go to a phsycic[not sure about this one anymore, who needs a phsycic when you have Jesus]
27.experience love
28.experience a mothers love in a log cabin my children grow up and start their own family
31.go horseback riding
32.publish some of my poetry
33.graphic design
34.hold a chipanzee
35.lay in my pj's all day
36.witness a miracle
37.have someone love me unconditional
38.invent something
39.get pink highlights
40.have a boy[not going to be able to do]
41.adopt a child my heart to jesus to the fullest
43.renew my vows
44.celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary my children graduate
46.own my own business
47.start my own family traditions
48.cover my fridge in my kids drawings
49.have my kids run up to me with a hug and 'mama' when i get home in the rain with my husband
51. love so much that i cry..check the whole bible
53.find my calling
54.attend a pro life prayer vigil happy
56.graduate college line over 100 novels for fun
59.learn a new language
60.visit holocust museum at peace
62.visit the holy land