Sunday, February 27, 2011

Everyone Deserves Heaven

Let me start out today by saying God is good! I have had so many blessings this week. Lets not forget the ones so many take for granted. For starters, I'm here striving through another day. amen. What about the flowers, trees, birds, grass, our arms and legs, the list is endless. On top of those God has sent me many blessings this week. I do not want to state specifics yet, but I will say that my work as a Pro Life Advocate is kicking into full gear. I will devote every ounce of my spare time to end abortion. I owe it to the mothers, fathers, grandparents, the babies, all of you. Abortion does not just affect the mother and child. It affects society as a whole. Think about it.

So When I was little before I had ever even experienced a death. I clearly remember sitting back on my grandmothers bed. I was watching tv, well i cant say i was watching it. The tv was on, I was looking at it, but I saw nothing. Nor did I hear anything. I remember starting to pray. [Mind you, I did not even know what praying was at the time.] I do not remember word for word, but it went something like this. God, please do not let my mommy ever die or my grandma. Not Papa, Terry, Aunt Tracie.............. The list went until I named every person that I loved. I ended it by saying. But if they do die, please can we all be together when we do?
I do not remember my exact age. I did not attend church regularly and I did not know much about praying heaven, Jesus or hell. I guess I knew enough though. He was obviously in my heart back then.

So now that I'm a wife and a mama and all grown up. I have experienced one to many deaths. I know Jesus now. I know what heaven and hell is. I know what it means to pray. So now I always pray for everyone to find Jesus. I want to be with all my love ones for eternity when I enter heaven. Don't you?

So this gets me to my point. I'm not a bible thumper. I do not go around preaching left and right and condemning people to hell by any means. However, given the opportunity or when Jesus puts it on my heart to speak...I do.

However, I have heard a lot of people tell me I should not be trying to preach the bible to others. That they have to find Jesus on their own.
That we are not supposed to shove it down their throats. What they do not understand is that I agree with them to an extent. We should plant the seed. It is up to them to let it grow. But who are we to not give everyone else the same opportunity to have that seed planted as we had? Who are we to not show everyone there gift to enter the gates of heaven and spend eternity in bliss with their loved ones? How selfish of us not to let people in on what we already know. Do not be scared to speak the truth. Truth is never a lie. Do not let yourself get in the way. Let Christ lead you.Replace your fear with faith♥

People are so blinded by the world. It only takes one person, one word, one action or one smile to make a difference. Everyone deserves heaven.

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation
mark 16:15

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Smiles and Starfish

I watch this video often. It is very inspirational. I always used it as motivation to keep on fighting for the unborn. I might not be able to save all the innocent children from the daily 4,000 being slaughtered every day. However, I might just be able to save one. If I can save one child, educate one mother then my job is accomplished. Not done, just accomplished.
However, the more I watched this video the more I realized it relates to a lot of things. I might just smile at one person, introduce just one person to Jesus. Maybe they will just brush it away, maybe not. If I can just lead one person to Jesus, I wonder how many they will lead, and I wonder how many the next person will lead?
The same goes for teachers, firefighters, just random people doing acts of kindness.
You see we are not perfect, we can not save the whole entire world. But one smile, one word, one action can save a life and make the world of difference to that one person. Then how many peoples lives are they going to touch?
Have you smiled at someone today?

I am going to also include another video to show you how a small smile can change someones day.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We are all born Sinners

So I came across this website. Those people that protest at funerals of the gays that served our country. No I don't believe in same sex relations but I also don't believe in this church's approach. All over their page it says God hates you. I think my commentary on this website actually fits In general of the world today [here is the link for the site: ]

So I came across this website through a good Sir I like to call my brother. After skimming over their site I am in utter shock and disbelief. Actually, I can not say dis belief because this 'worldly' world we live in is a crazy place. As a born again Christian I will tell you that I feel they are reading into certain parts of the bible and manipulating it into what they want to believe. Then deciding to completely ignore other parts of it. We are all born sinners and all fall short of the glory of God. Do they not see that they are doing the exact same thing that the bible tells you not to do. Are we not supposed to have a loving approach, a holy approach, a educational approach? Do they really think anyone will follow their lead when they are spewing put hate speech and saying, "God hates you"? He does not hate us. He loves us and forgiveness is quite simple. You just have to open your eyes, use your heart and step out of all of these 'worldly' views.
Even if all of us are not "Christians" or believe in the same 'God' I will tell you that I'm sure we can all agree that this is sad. If they were everything that they preach they would be holy and perfect. However, there is only one man that is holy and perfect and he lives in my heart. Let us all go through this world with warm hearts ,open eyes, kind words, thoughtful ways, and a good head on our shoulders.
We are all equal. We are all loved the same. No one is perfect. Everyone is special. It is a shame that so many fall into this way. Sadly a lot of the world does in more ways than we realize. We need to realize that one kind word or one kind action can save a life. The same goes for the opposite. This is why we have to remember we are all equal, no one is perfect, and we are all human. They have my prayers. As do all the families affected by this.