Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 3~Project 365

This is how my 4 year old Adrianna writes her name. To a non parent this may be meaningless, but I hope for those of you that are parents, you could see why I'm thankful.
Let's start by saying I am one proud mama. My daughter was born 7 weeks early. We call her are little peanut. She is a bright young girl, but takes a little longer to get the hang of things. She has finally mastered writing her name, all her letters, and we are now venturing learning to read.
I am thankful for the bajillion slips of paper I recieve from my 4 year old everyday with her name written on it. She is so excited that she can finally do it, she does it all the time. I feel blessed. Think about it, not all kids can write, not all kids have hands or arms. There are lots of different aspects you could think of.
I am greatful for everyday that I can spend teaching my daughter how to grow and learn. As parents we are their number one teacher.
I am greatful to be able to spend 18 hours of one day answering her questions on how to write her Be greatful. Not all parents have their children, many have lost their lives, many can not have children. I know first hand that pain. I lost my first born.
So although I have boxes apon boxes of my girls artwork, schoolwork, and writings. I am thankful for the bajillionth and one piece that I recieved today from my little peanut.


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