Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Bucket List

1.meet the man of my dreams
2.marry him
3.get a dog
4.have children
5.be a family
6.find myself
7.get a tattoo
8.go to florida
9.go to another country
10.go skiing/snowboarding
11.build my dream home
12.own a pink car
13.go to hawaii
14.take my kids to disney
15.prevent 1 person from choose abortion
16.get my boobs[lol]
17.be a grandma
18.be a great grandma
19.witness my children being married
20.witness a birth
21.be baptized and allow Jesus in my heart
22.watch the sun rise/set
23.travel the world
24.re decortate my whole house
25.cook thanksgiving/christmas dinner
26.go to a phsycic[not sure about this one anymore, who needs a phsycic when you have Jesus]
27.experience love
28.experience a mothers love
29.live in a log cabin
30.watch my children grow up and start their own family
31.go horseback riding
32.publish some of my poetry
33.graphic design
34.hold a chipanzee
35.lay in my pj's all day
36.witness a miracle
37.have someone love me unconditional
38.invent something
39.get pink highlights
40.have a boy[not going to be able to do]
41.adopt a child
42.open my heart to jesus to the fullest
43.renew my vows
44.celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary
45.watch my children graduate
46.own my own business
47.start my own family traditions
48.cover my fridge in my kids drawings
49.have my kids run up to me with a hug and 'mama' when i get home
20.dance in the rain with my husband
51. love so much that i cry..check
52.read the whole bible
53.find my calling
54.attend a pro life prayer vigil
55.be happy
56.graduate college
57.zip line
58.read over 100 novels for fun
59.learn a new language
60.visit holocust museum
61.be at peace
62.visit the holy land


Ray Tan said...

Hi Amanda, I stumbled on your blog and read some of your recent posts, and it's so nice to read about your sweet family life. :)

It's great to see your bucket list here and having crossed off many meaningful ones:)

Just completed a dream of mine - an iPhone app (adream) where people can share their dreams and goals in a fun way. Would be great to have your comments if you're an iPhone user.

Have fun with all that you're doing and have a great time :)

Best, Ray

adream - http://adre.am/app (iPhone app)

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