Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Project 365~Day 1

I am thankful for the fresh smell of Autumn leaves and rain. Do you have a favorite smell? Such as a candle scent, your childs scent, a perfume, camfire? Now imagine if ou would never be able to smell that smell again. Doesn't that smell bring you bliss? Make your heart happy? Create a happy sensation? Imagine if we did not have our senses. We would never have the pure joy of wonderful scents again.
To me the fresh scent of autumn leaves and rain bring a lot of feelings. It means, it's a new day that I am here on earth to spend with my family. It's another day that my flower get the drink they need. The leaves falling show me another season is on its way. The wonderful smell also lets me know that I can still experience great pleasure thru scent.
When I wake up and smell this (one of my favorite smells), I feel pure bliss. I also know I can look up and see God's beautiful painting. Aren't the bright orange, red and yellow leaves on fall trees absolutely beautiful??
Puddles on the ground means I get to watch my children jump on them. I get to see there innocent smiles enjoy lifes simple pleasures. Mommy and Daddy get to rake all the leaves into a huge pile and watch our girls jump in them. I'm sure most of you remember jumping in the leaves..FUN TIMES!
As you can see at first glass, you may look at my picture say, that's just a water puddle with a leave in it. When in reality, this tiny puddle with a leave in it has millions of lifes pleaures in it. (of course all are not listed) Be thankful for all of God's blessings. Keep your eyes open and give thanks always.


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