Thursday, February 24, 2011

Smiles and Starfish

I watch this video often. It is very inspirational. I always used it as motivation to keep on fighting for the unborn. I might not be able to save all the innocent children from the daily 4,000 being slaughtered every day. However, I might just be able to save one. If I can save one child, educate one mother then my job is accomplished. Not done, just accomplished.
However, the more I watched this video the more I realized it relates to a lot of things. I might just smile at one person, introduce just one person to Jesus. Maybe they will just brush it away, maybe not. If I can just lead one person to Jesus, I wonder how many they will lead, and I wonder how many the next person will lead?
The same goes for teachers, firefighters, just random people doing acts of kindness.
You see we are not perfect, we can not save the whole entire world. But one smile, one word, one action can save a life and make the world of difference to that one person. Then how many peoples lives are they going to touch?
Have you smiled at someone today?

I am going to also include another video to show you how a small smile can change someones day.


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