Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Never Grow Up

As each passing day goes by. In a way I get a little more sad. My children are growing up way to fast. Isabella will be turning 6 this summer and Adrianna just turned 3. It feels like just yesterday I was rocking Isabella to sleep in my arms singing, "You are my sunshine". It feels like yesterday that Adrianna was a tiny little thing at 4lbs 6 oz in the NICU. 
Now today, Isabella is in kindergarten and so very smart. I remember when I had to explain everything and I mean everything to her. But now, she is the one teaching me. That girl amazes me with some of her thoughts. She is not a baby anymore, she is growing up. And as proud as I am of her, it's still sad to see them grow. She will always be my baby. 
I feel like Adrianna should still be drinking out of bottles and crawling around. Instead she's running, jumping and skipping. She is saying bigger sentences more and more. She is using the big girl potty, so she is not relying on mama anymore to change her. She wants to dress herself or brush her own hair. Day by day she slips out of that baby role too.
It's amazing how quick 5 years can fly by. You know when you hear people say. Enjoy the little moments they wont last forever. It is so true. 
When my kids are not on their best behavior and I start to get upset. I always sing myself a little song that goes, "Your ganna miss this.."

Once a year when I do have quiet time completely by myself. When there is absolutely no noise in my house, no toys on the floor and I have nothing to do. I am sad. It's too quiet, to clean, I need my kids. I do not know where I would be today without my girls. Most parents say, they teach their kids. But what they do not realize is that our children teach us so much more than any scholar ever could.
Do not make your kids grow up faster than they should. Let them be kids. Let them be innocent. Be a kid with them. Do you know how much happier the world would be if we would all be more pure and innocent like children.
The following is an interesting article on how a "4 year old" should be.

I will end by saying. May your days be long and filled with love. May your worries be short and disappear. Enjoy every moment with your children. It will not last forever. They are only little once. Soon enough they will venture out into the world on their own.

hugs, love, and blessings to all. [Thank you to my wonderful children for bringing me to where I am today. I will forever have the deepest love for you in my heart...forever.]


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