Sunday, February 27, 2011

Everyone Deserves Heaven

Let me start out today by saying God is good! I have had so many blessings this week. Lets not forget the ones so many take for granted. For starters, I'm here striving through another day. amen. What about the flowers, trees, birds, grass, our arms and legs, the list is endless. On top of those God has sent me many blessings this week. I do not want to state specifics yet, but I will say that my work as a Pro Life Advocate is kicking into full gear. I will devote every ounce of my spare time to end abortion. I owe it to the mothers, fathers, grandparents, the babies, all of you. Abortion does not just affect the mother and child. It affects society as a whole. Think about it.

So When I was little before I had ever even experienced a death. I clearly remember sitting back on my grandmothers bed. I was watching tv, well i cant say i was watching it. The tv was on, I was looking at it, but I saw nothing. Nor did I hear anything. I remember starting to pray. [Mind you, I did not even know what praying was at the time.] I do not remember word for word, but it went something like this. God, please do not let my mommy ever die or my grandma. Not Papa, Terry, Aunt Tracie.............. The list went until I named every person that I loved. I ended it by saying. But if they do die, please can we all be together when we do?
I do not remember my exact age. I did not attend church regularly and I did not know much about praying heaven, Jesus or hell. I guess I knew enough though. He was obviously in my heart back then.

So now that I'm a wife and a mama and all grown up. I have experienced one to many deaths. I know Jesus now. I know what heaven and hell is. I know what it means to pray. So now I always pray for everyone to find Jesus. I want to be with all my love ones for eternity when I enter heaven. Don't you?

So this gets me to my point. I'm not a bible thumper. I do not go around preaching left and right and condemning people to hell by any means. However, given the opportunity or when Jesus puts it on my heart to speak...I do.

However, I have heard a lot of people tell me I should not be trying to preach the bible to others. That they have to find Jesus on their own.
That we are not supposed to shove it down their throats. What they do not understand is that I agree with them to an extent. We should plant the seed. It is up to them to let it grow. But who are we to not give everyone else the same opportunity to have that seed planted as we had? Who are we to not show everyone there gift to enter the gates of heaven and spend eternity in bliss with their loved ones? How selfish of us not to let people in on what we already know. Do not be scared to speak the truth. Truth is never a lie. Do not let yourself get in the way. Let Christ lead you.Replace your fear with faith♥

People are so blinded by the world. It only takes one person, one word, one action or one smile to make a difference. Everyone deserves heaven.

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation
mark 16:15


Jacknhoo said...

God bless you and all your family, Amanda.


Amanda said...

thank you Jack. Same to you.

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