Monday, March 14, 2011

Are you ok with paying for innocent death?

If you thought you had an illness or lets say a problem; would you want to see a doctor to be checked? I will assume your answer would be yes.
If you were out of work at the time and had no money or insurance; would you hope that there would be somewhere to go for cheap?
Again I will assume your answer would be yes.
Now lets say you found a place that will help you and for a cheap price; would you go?
Again, yes.
Now lets say you found out that the same place that was treating you was also killing toddlers at random.
Would you still go to that "place" if you found out they were killing toddlers, even though they were helping you?
I will assume and hope that your answer would be, no.

One more example: Lets say you found a soulmate. You loved him/her with every depth of your soul. However, you then find out that they molest and kill young children on the side.
Would you still love him??

Then why would you support Planned Parenthood? Yes, Planned Parenthood offers STD testing, pregnancy testing, birth control, and pap smears. However, they also offer abortions and often lie about what it truly is and how it affects you and your child. Let's not forget though, they do not want you to know it is a child, they tell their patients it's just a blob of cells. They have been caught on tape numerous times lying about fetal development. They do not care about your well being, they care about receiving their blood money. They even have been caught telling girls they are pregnant and then pretending to preform an abortion. They have been caught doing numerous illegal activities. The most recent is when Live Action went under cover and they did not report underage sex trafficking. The following link is to one of the many under cover tapes revealed and of one of the many Planned Parenthoods who did not report it. 
[I might add, that there are plenty of other medical places or clinics to get free or cheap health care. You just have to look. There is no excuse to go to planned parenthood because you don't have money.]

I will post one of the many videos of them lying. Warning, the following video contains some graphic content. [However, it is the truth!] 

Now onto the main point of my post. Do you want your tax dollars going to something like this. What if that was your daughter, that they did not report. What if your daughter was in sex trafficking and they never reported it and gave her a secret abortion? Do you want your money to go to the 4,000 innocent babies being slaughtered everyday? Some say that our tax dollars do not go directly towards abortions. I will admit that. However, do our tax dollars go towards rent towards the building, utilities, "training", pay checks. YES! So, yes we are paying for abortions, maybe not directly, but we are. The blood is on our hands.

For the ones who read this that our Pro Choice; I will simply state. There is absolutely no reason for abortion. ZERO! Everyone deserves life, and every life has a purpose. If you feel the desire to ask me why, feel free to email me at

I will end by asking you to watch the following video on our tax money towards Planned Parenthood.

*For those of you who refuse to believe abortion ends a living life. Please watch the following. [GRAPHIC CONTENT]

I pray for the day abortion ends.

Deuteronomy 30:19
This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live

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Claudia said...

God bless!

Amanda said...

same to you Claudia

Nakeli said...

Good illustrations! Two things I would love to see- ONE that people start putting together lists of the other inexpensive or free health options for women (I know that they exist, but I think we would do well to pull some of that information together for women and actually give them a visual on the other options that are out there). And TWO- I'd love to see some more articles that stress the fact that a lot of the women who WORK at planned parenthood are VICTIMS of the lies as well. Just like Abby Johnson... it took a good amount of time before her eyes were opened. Not everyone who works at Planned Parenthood has evil intentions, and for a great deal of them (lower level- I'm operating under the assumption that a lot of the receptionists etc. are paid hourly or salary and not commission?)- it's not about the money but keeping their jobs (ie: meeting quotas)- Just like not everyone who fights for rights to life does so in a rational, effective, loving manner. I really appreciate what you do. Thank you for all your work! And thanks for listening!

Amanda said...

So true

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