Tuesday, September 7, 2010

OCD Attacks Yet Again

Tonight I once again entered the magical bliss of OCD land;) It can be my best friend or my worst enemy. It attacks me at the worst possible times. When it's time for bed, time to leave the house, when I have company, or when I'm sick and not feeling well. Well tonight 'She' snuck up on me of course, because I am in horrible pain tonight from my endometriosis. I actually managed to do nothing all day, but sit because I was so sore. I finally got myself motivated around 5 and made dinner for the family....and here it comes...after dinner my brain said, "wake up amanda, you have cleaned nothing today!" [For any of you that may not know I have major OCD when it comes a clean house and being organized.] So what do I do after dinner and dishes..you guessed it. I start cleaning and organizing.
I started with the girls toy bins in the living room. There are about 9 of them, so I dumped them all out and organized them into sections. Bin 1 was music things - Bin 2 was doll things - Bin 3 was dress up shoes, etc..lol you get the point. But of course I was not done there. I then moved to there bedroom and organized there whole bedroom.
Finally after all that is done I feel a weight lifted of my shouders..I can proceed with normal life now. Ya it's bad..I have anxiety if I dont clean everyday. And no dont ask..I dont want to come clean your house.lol.
So then i come to my kitchen to get a drink, but nope I dont get a drink. I proceed to make a to do list of cleaning things for tomorrow..PURE MADNESS!
So I ended my night with some hugs, kisses, and giggles from my girls...oh ya and a big fat pain pill for this pain.


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